Everest Expedition
Inmarsat and I4 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have Sponsored the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500 Terminal to Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd. for LIVE Transmission from the Peak of the world, Mt. Everest.
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Nepal Television (NTV) had Successfully transmitted the Video Clips from the Base camp as well as the LIVE Transmission from the Mt. Everest....
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I4 Technologies
   The Broadband Mobile Office                                              ..wherever you are on the planet!

We provide all means for satellite communications.

I4 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an authorised agent of Inmarsat for Nepal.
What you deserve is what you get served from us...
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I4 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Stay in touch even in places where terrestrial networks are unreliable or non-existent, with our range of mobile satellite solutions, including broadband data and voice and handheld phone services.

BGAN allows you to access data applications at broadband speed and make phone calls at the same time - wherever you are on the planet.

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Live broadcast in 5 minutes !

The news don't wait for slow connections. When the story is there you don't have time for bottlenecks. With the Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER ™ 500 you can set up a broadcast terminal in a matter of minutes, and be transmitting in reasonable, reliable quality on the spot...

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IsatPhone Pro first call and images released

The first images of IsatPhone Pro have been released to coincide with the announcement of the first call to be made using the new global handheld phone. "And it's provided by Inmarsat, the market leader, with 30 years' experience in providing global mobile satellite services."

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ISat Phone -- Mobile Satellite Phone !

ISat Phone -- Mobile Satellite Phone ! For most people, the ability to make a phone call is the first communications priority when they arrive in a remote location. If your requirement is simply that, Inmarsat IsatPhone is available with us.

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A national tourism campaign "Nepal Tourism Year 2011"... Government’s anticipation to bring at least one million international tourists by the year 2011.
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